Itinerary of the most beautiful villages in France ... ("Plus beaux villages de France)


Collonges la rouge, Turenne and Curemonte: our choice of the most beautiful villages not to be missed in Dordogne Valley


In Dordogne Valley, we commonly mention "les plus beaux villages de France": that's normal, the area is ranked at the first place. Around the camping Au Soleil d'Oc ****, which are the most beautiful villages to visit?

By which way we start? Which are "Les plus beaux villages de France" to visit in Correze?

Here we have selected for you the most beautiful villages in Dordogne Valley, an itinerary to make your stay easier in our beautiful region and to discover the best and the brightest in Correze. Starting the trip on the winding country roads ...

Itinéraire plus beaux villages de France

Step 1: The village colored in red sandstone Collonge la rouge

The village of Collonges-la-Rouge is surrounded by a countryside and chestnut and walnut trees. It is the most famous one in Dordogne Valley. We advise you to visit it during the morning, where the peak of attendance is the lowest.

The formerly ancient fief of Turenne's Lords, Collonges la Rouge is unique !! Have your time to discover these tiny medieval alleyways.

Beautiful flowers garnished the red sandstone buildings of manor houses, small shops or restaurants.

At every corner, you could take a pic of this beautiful village !!

Among the essential points of interest, we have:

-la maison de la sirène

-l'église St Pierre et son tympan

-la Chapelle des Pénitents

A small story about the village, the association of "Les plus beaux villages de France" was born here in Colloronges la Rouge in 1982 by the mayor at this period: Charles Ceyrac. The goal is to attract more and more visitors to these small villages which enjoy a great quality patrimony. A real success because 155 adherents are in this association.

The village is one of best restored with nearly no electric wires in the village.

Collonges la rouge village Correze
Source: Office de tourisme Vallée de la Dordogne

To contact the tourist office of Collonges la Rouge: +33 5 55 25 47 57

Step 2: the former medieval city and the Lord of Turenne's story

Turenne is an essential crossing point. From the beautiful castle atthe top, you will be able to observe one of the most gorgeous panaroma in Dordogne Valley.

The former city of Turenne is full of History: located in the south of Brive, around a dozen kilometers from the Dordogne Valley. The village was the property of Lords of Turenne which ruled on Limousin, Perigord and Quercy. Four families have succeeded one another since the IXth century. In the alleyways, flags of the ancient kingdom are still waving ...

Among the essential points of interest, we have:

-the castle with the César tower of the XIIe century et the tower of Trésors of the XIVe century.

-un panaroma sur le village en contre bas et sur la vallée depuis l'esplanade du chateau

-the small Church of Capucins

A small story about the village of Turenne: the city was the heart of a powerful viscountcy that ruled in Dordogne valley during centuries. This rich mediaval aspect is still visible today in the village. During the XVth century at its peak, the kingdom counted more than 100 000 inhabitants.

Chateau Turenne village
Source: Office de tourisme Vallée de la Dordogne

To contact the tourist office of Brive: +33 (0)5 55 24 08 80

Step 3: the medieval village of Curemonte

Close to the Lot department, Curemonte is an authentic village with few nobles houses, medieval alleyways, castles, church, cavalries and others. A perfect place for tourists which is situated between Collonges la rouge and Beaulieu sur Dordogne

Let's enjoy farmer's markets and beautiful views from fortified hilltop position.

This charming village is particularly known for its round or squared castles!!

Among the essential points of interest:

-the castle of St Hilaire

-the castle of Plas

-The church of Saint-Barthélémy

-The church la Combe

-The church Saint-Genest (museum with religious objects)

A small story about the village of Curemonte: everything can be counted in three: there are three churches, three fountains, three castles. Superstition or a mere coincidence?


Curemonte village
Source: Office de tourisme Vallée de la Dordogne

To contact the tourist office of Curemonte: +33 5 65 33 22 00

Don't hesitate to let any comments about these villages. Share with us the one you prefer and your feelings about it! Thanks :)

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