The food market in Brive la Gaillarde and top local markets around the campsite in Correze

Best local food markets in Correze near Brive la Gaillarde

On the TV has been launched a contest to select the best local food market in France. Saying that each area lives through its market. The local newspaper La Montagne incites people to vote for the market of Brive la Gaillarde. You just need to click on this link MYTF1 to be able to vote for Brive la Gaillarde. In the same mindset, we decided to also give you the best local market for quality products on the Dordogne river and near Brive la Gaillarde.

The market in Brive la Gaillarde

The market in Brive la Gaillarde occurs every Saturday. This market has become a real institution for the city. You can easily find all local products you want with a high quality. The best place is to go under the hall George Brassens.

This famous singer sang about the market in Brive la Gaillarde. Please have a look at this song!

Reaching 20,000 visitors, the market always attracts more people. During Summer, foreigners are going on Sunday in Brive la Gaillarde to visit the market because it has become as a must in the area.

We advise you to go under the hall Brassens for all local products.

marché brive la gaillarde

Which kind of local products can you find on the market in Brive la Gaillarde?

-the famous apple from Limousin, the peach from Voutezac, the grape from Saint Robert, the plum from Ayen and the raspberry from Concèze

-good truffles coming from the countryside of Brive La Gaillarde

-Goat Cheese from Rocamadour

-Perigord nuts and chestnuts

-Good local meat with the "limousine" breed

- Some "foie gras", duck confit and breast of duck

Small local markets near Brive la Gaillarde along the Dordogne river

In Dordogne Valley, having a good meal with local quality products is a crucial experience. We love making people discover good products, share a good meal our stories and the way we live here.

For that, there are the local food markets called "marchés de producteurs de pays" where you can meet farmers who are cultivating their own products to sell on the market. It is a real experience and genuine meetings. The time to share authentic stories and adventures.

The term "marché des producteurs de pays" is a label to create an opportunity for farmers and local producers to sell their products directly to the consumers. On these markets, you can directly meet local producers who are involved in the respect of a quality charter. The idea is to guarantee for the market consumers products that have a very good quality, coming from farms around. These products are specialties of the area, we advocate a full transparency about the production. You have a direct contact with the producer.

marché producteur de pays

There is no intermediary: all the products are bought from the origin. For the producers, it is a real award to satisfy the final consumer, both tourists, and locals.

In many local food markets in Correze, it's possible to eat and share more than a few words with producers when you bought their products.

marché brive la gaillarde

The best local food markets on the Dordogne River around the camping Au Soleil d'Oc near Brive la Gaillarde

There are a lot of local food markets but the best ones are which are labelled with the "marché des producteurs du pays". Around the camping in Corrèze, we advise you the closest in Monceaux sur Dordogne

Every Thursday, from 5 pm, you can find producers selling their own products on the small village market. All products are local products coming from farms around. The best thing to do is to reach the market by feet (around 20 minutes) so you can fully enjoy food and drinks there. Once you bought local products and drinks, you can sit at the table and meet people. Generally, there is a band to continue the evening until midnight.

marché producteur de pays

Another good local food market is located in Beaulieu sur Dordogne. Around 30 minutes by car, it's on Tuesday starting from 5 pm. The market in Beaulieu sur Dordogne is well known for its strawberries.

Fraise marché beaulieu sur dordogne

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