The evolution of the camping along the river Dordogne

In the heart of Dordogne Valley, in 2018, what has the camping become?

This year 2018 will be an important year for our camping in Correze.

Every year we decide to invest more in our organization to bring you new things. Because we deeply believe that without any renewal on our part, we cannot satisfy your expectations. That's what the camping - from its creation - has done.

Since its beginning in the 60s, thanks to the first paid leave and after the war, people have been quickly seduced by the concept of the camping. Be able to sleep under a tent whenever they see a good place. In France, the camping is the standard with more than 6 millions of campers in 2017. Figures showed it: the camping is on the trend, not only camping in Correze or Dordogne but everywhere in France. Foreigners are also growing in campsite alleys: English, German, Dutchmen, Spaniards ..

Camping correze ancien temps

Camping in Correze has succeeded in moving to better meet customers needs. Not only the camping has changed but also the way of consumption !!!

The camping underwent a real transformation. At that time, campers were coming the day itself to sleep in the middle of a field or a special site.

In 2018, a camping needs today to have both a water park, activities for kids and adults, snacking and restaurant, bar and many others. It became a real touristic complex to a higher scale.

Customers want to find back all the comfort they have at their own place. They stay longer in mobil homes or chalets and only a few of them stay for one night or two.

What about campings in Correze in Dordogne Valley?

Yes, again in 2018, the camping Au Soleil d'Oc is going to change !!

The region benefits from the river Dordogne which hasn't been given up, we keep on estimating a growing number of tourists in the area. Dordogne Valley enjoys well known touristic sites such as Rocamadour, Gouffre de Padirac, Lascaux caves, many very beautiful villages, castles and others.

Here is a top ten of activities you can do in Dordogne

It isn't enough to satisfy tourists, from our side in Au Soleil d'Oc, we are preparing some new stuff to meet your need of high-quality service. We will communicate very soon on it through this blog or social media

So following this article, others will come about tourism in Correze and the new services we will offer to you in 2018

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