Rivers and lakes, natural bathing

Our beautiful river, our swimming pools, the open access to attended bathing areas where the whole family can enjoy the facilities, the beach, canoeing down the river, walking by the waterfalls or simply slalom canoeing on the Dordogne... What pleasure! relaxing on the white sand by the river. Enjoy the lush, local oasis at the Miel lake which has the label ‘Pavillon bleu’, Blue Pavilion because of its environmental qualities. There are lots of activities; water tobogganing, diving, pedal boats, stand-up-paddles and a picnic area to enjoy your day.

Activities: To participate in either canoeing or stand-up-paddle it is necessary to know how to swim. From 7 years old you can go on a canoe downstream, there are several circuits; 6,15 or 24kms. This is another fun way of discovering the Dordogne river.

Adventure: expedition to the waterfalls, a refreshing adventure to discover the streams and waterfalls. For your security you will be accompanied by a guide through this wild, adventure. Great for families and teenagers.

Natural bathing: In the streams, half dried up, like a wadi, where you can swim with your family away from the crowds!

Winner: 5, 7,13 how many skims? 16 records to beat... you need to find the winning stones!

Talented and patient: The transparent water runs over the pebbles, the leaves dance in the sun, a wonderful environment to fish in the Dordogne, the Maronne or the Cere as well as in the lakes and ponds. When not fishing, the fishermen and women can enjoy the fun activities as well as the informative ones.

The Dordogne: UNESCO Reserve of biosphere

The Dordogne isn’t just a beautiful, majestic river, but also a diversity of flora and fauna recognised as a worldwide reserve of biosphere by Unesco in 2012. It is the only river in France to gain this prestigious award. The Dordogne basin has the biodiversity, cultural value and economic development. www.biosphere-bassin-dordogne.fr