Terra Aventura: Geocaching made in Limousin

This fun activity consists of finding, with the help of a GPS, a box of treasure. This year 150 treasure chests will be hidden in the three departments of Limousin. Allowing the participants, with the help of motor vehicles and some walking to discover the history, the patrimony and the environmental richness of the area. This year this playground stretches towards the Charente and the Dordogne. Don't hesitate to put on your walking boots, GPS in working mode and the map of the trail of your choosing so you can discover the treasure with family and friends www.terra-aventura.fr

Through the seasons

The spring has come, you can choose to stay in a chalet, surrounded by the awakening Springtime, with the longer days and the birds singing, the sun caressing the hillsides. It's great to walk in the sun through the green fields where the spring flowers and wild strawberries abound. Come out of season to admire the beautiful butterflies on the poppies, surrounded by the awakening spring, the cornflowers and genets that adorn the countryside. The longer days help you enjoy life outside. The music festival changes the rhythm at the summer solstice.

Through the seasons: Springtime, summer, autumn, each season is different, come when you wish, enjoy the campsite for its climate and various activities.

Summer sunlight: The beautiful weather will entice you to have picnics and to enjoy the forests, lakes and rivers. August is the time of festivities, for fun and friendships. July is perfect to come camping, the smells of hay mixed with the seasonal fruit of peaches and melons. Walk barefoot in the grass with a glass of wine in the long evenings on the riverbank.

The Dordogne Valley is a great place for families.

The autumn is the season for enjoyment, the beautiful colours bathe in the warm sunlight. The sun plays a big part, as if it wants to continue its fun. The seasonal produce will fill your baskets: raspberries, blackberries, chestnuts, walnuts and figs. At last, the land of plenty! The fun for bargain hunters in the flea markets, the picking of the first mushrooms, and the stags mating call in the woods, the magnificent sunsets...There is something for everyone to enjoy in September, the month when the heat subsides.

Short holidays, and weekends aren't expensive, come and discover the rhythm of the seasons in the Dordogne Valley.

What place in the heart of a village has a theatre, a multi service and a tourist office? it's the local Bistrot where one can play cards whilst listening to local musicians whilst eating the local specialities. People meet in the bistrot to discuss their passions. Only 400 metres from the campsite of Soleil d'Oc you will find the place to be, the Monceaux sur Dordogne bistrot ‘chez Maryse’. www.bistrotdepays.com

A cuisine inspired by regional produce, to taste different culinary flavours. Each Logis restaurant serves dishes from the region. They value their local produce and make elaborate dishes. So reserve your restaurant logis for a succulent meal.