Fun in the swimming pool

Enjoy swimming for all ages in our swimming pools. Swim at the beginning of the season in the covered, heated pool. At the Soleil d'oc, our play area consists of two pools:

  • one pool is 180 square metres.
  • a small children’s paddling pool with slide
  • a 200 square metre covered, heated pool with a therapeutic area with water jets and current to swim against. This pool is perfect for length swimming. Swim in the morning or at lunch time when it is peaceful. There are often free exercise classes in this pool.

The children and toddlers love the paddling pool and slide. Parents enjoy these times with their children.

Whether you swim or sunbathe, you will enjoy this space next to the bar area and the restaurant.

The parents must oversee their children in the swimming pools at all times. The area is secure but not under supervision. There are many signs to indicate the necessity of security. For this reason, the entry to the pools is locked by a child security lock. Only authentic swimwear is allowed in the swimming pools (boxer shorts, bermuda’s and shorts are not permitted). The swimming pools are open from 10 am until 20 pm. They are only accessible to residents of the campsite and not to visitors.