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Welcome to the Blog of Camping Au Soleil d' Oc in the Dordogne Valley in Corrèze.

Top activities along the riverside near Brive la Gaillarde in Correze

08/04/2018 - Dordogne Valley

Canoe dordogne

We present you our best activities in Dordogne Valley and around the campsite Au Soleil d'Oc. We already published top tourist activities, now it's about outdoor activities close to Argentat sur Dordogne in Correze.

The food market in Brive la Gaillarde and top local markets around the campsite in Correze

01/04/2018 - Dordogne Valley- Point of interest

local food market dordogne

A show started a few months ago to announce the best local food market in France. The well-known market in Brive la Gaillarde has been selected to advocate the area. In partnership with the local newspaper La Montagne. Besides Brive la Gaillarde, there are also many local markets in villages around the campsite along the Dordogne river in Limousin !!

Camping limousin France: Camping Au soleil d'Oc between Limousin and New Aquitaine

25/03/2018 - Campsite

camping limousin

In France in 2016, a big administrative change has been done. The region Limousin has disappeared. But still, a high number of people keep on using the name Limousin to look after a place for their holidays. It is also mainly due to the fact that the name "Limousin" represents specific values. We will explain what activities you can do in Correze

Camping nature in Correze: how does the camping on the Dordogne river worry about the Environment?

18/03/2018 - Dordogne Valley- Campsite

Tourisme responsable camping

At the age of mass tourism, the Camping Au Soleil d'Oc commits in a responsible and sustainable tourism. The camping nature on the Dordogne river grows in an environmental respect. We advocate the original camping in pitches or tent because it is also from our part to show the example of a sustainable tourism.

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