Here is the top 5 of tourist activities in Dordogne Valley

The best of tourist activities to do in Dordogne Valley near Brive la Gaillarde

Here are the top tourist activities on the Dordogne River. Our top is done from Argentat.

Starting from the Camping on the Dordogne river near Argentat, following the streaming of the river, you will see one of the most beautiful regions in France. The landscape under sunny days is so green. The villages in Dordogne are beautiful, activities are numerous, we give you here our best point of interests to visit before you leave our wonderful area.

A destination that you can discover alone, with your family or friends ...

Grottes de Lacave

grottes lacave top tourisme

The Grottes de Lacave are located between Souillac and Rocamadour. The caves offer you a travel under the earth of around 1 hour. It is a space of 1 600m2 where you can observe a lot of stalactites and stalagmites.

A real underground journey which guarantees you a lot of emotions.

For more information about the cave, please click here.

The Gouffre de Padirac

Situated very close to Rocamadour ( around 11 km), the Gouffre de Padirac is an amazing natural cavity.

The tourist site is famously known for its underground river where visitors can enjoy thanks to a flat bottom boat.

We advise you to book tickets online directly here on the official website to save time and avoid the long queue that generally happens during the summer season.

You can also book an English guide to visit the site.

The Castles of the Dordogne Valley

The river Dordogne was a strategic point in Middle Age, that's why a huge number of castles have been built.

Among the best known, we can mention the medieval castle of Castelnau-Bretenoux whose the goal was to protect its Lord and symbolize his authority. The castle of la Pannonie is known for its interior decoration. Many others exist but we would spend our day

We strongly invite you to read the article about the 1,001 castles in Dordogne, written by the tourist office of the region.

Here you can click

Rocamadour, between sky and earth

Rocamadour, considered as the sacred city, is a village built on three different levels.

The village is known as a place of legend. When you visit the city, you can still observe the long history that the city has crossed: beautiful old towers, medieval streets, and houses with its castle.

The village belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage and is on the way for the "Saint James" pilgrimage.

Many events occurred during the different seasons. There is the Cheese Festival which showcases the delicious cheese called "Cabecou" or the Hot-air Balloon Festival with fireworks happened in September.

Collonges la Rouge, one of the most beautiful villages in France

collonges la rouge village dordogne correze

Collonges la Rouge belongs to the association of the "most beautiful villages in France", actually it is the place where the association has been founded. Situated in the countryside, surrounded by chestnut and walnut trees.

The characteristic of the village is the red stone and is very well preserved. Hardly any electric wire can be seen when you visit the village.

To visit Collonges la Rouge, we advise you to come quite early in the day. It is a famous place where many tourists go to enjoy the small medieval streets, a magical landscape outside of the time.

To have more information about the most beautiful villages in Dordogne, you can check here

We also give more details about the tourist destinations on this page. Don't hesitate to read it! :)

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