Camping nature in Correze: how does the camping on the Dordogne river worry about the Environment?

Sustainable tourism in a camping nature on Dordogne river

The camping nature in Correze goes through a respect about environmental rules. One of the values about Camping is the respect. Of course, in keeping with each other and also in keeping with the natural environment.

What does it mean a "responsible camping nature"?

From the beginning, our family decided to start a camping nature which respects the environment. Having a camping with a lot of vegetation was a real choice. We have done it for a dozen of years and we wanted to explain to you which actions we daily implement to meet our needs in terms of the environment?

First of all, the campsite in Dordogne has to respect some environmental rules:

-offering a quality service for the tourists

-having accommodations and a park with a human size which adapts it well to the landscape

-reducing the negative impact on the environment ( sorting garbages, park maintenance, etc)

-highlighting local heritage and encourage area activity

-sensitize tourists to small actions which make a change

For instance, we invite tourists to ride a bike to go to Argentat. It is only 5 km from the campsite, around 20 minutes on beautiful rural roads.

Camping Nature Argentat

An authentic lifestyle

The camping nature of pitch or tent is a kind of tourism which particularly respects the environment. In the Camping Au Soleil d'Oc, the pitches are on the Dordogne river.

There is a real authentic lifestyle in keeping with nature. It is easy to go fishing by buying a license in a small pub: 200 meters from the campsite.

What the next goal for you after? To catch trouts and pikes in the Dordogne river and share with other campers.

Camping nature correze

Environmental label: a promise about environment respect

A label is the pledge of quality for a camping nature. Every year, a commission is checking precise requirement specifications. They check the respect of social and environmental criteria.

To get this kind of label, there is a cost: between 200 and 5,000 € according to the level of the label. This cost allows tourists to be sure about the commitment of the camping nature.

The label "Clef Verte": quality guarantee

Label Clef verte

The camping Au Soleil d'Oc has succeeded in having the label la Clef Verte for several years.

The commitment "Clef Verte" can be sum up in three goals:

-the respect: ressources, land and people

-the pleasure to live a responsible tourism

-a sustainable tourism at the same price

To have more informations about our environmantal commitments in the camping nature Au soleil d'Oc, check this link

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