Amazing touristic place in the heart of Dordogne Valley, discover this place for this summer!!


What to do in Correze during your summer holidays? Here is our point of interest next to Argentat...


We will not talk about collonges la rouge or other famous places in Correze, the one we would like to highlight today is not known by everyone even if it is situated in the heart of the Dordogne Valley. The location is in a small Correze village called « Saint Géraud ». This exhibition is called « les vaches ne manquent pas d’air » meaning that cows have a special personality. Located just next to Dordogne Valley, around 15 min in the car from the campsite Au Soleil d’Oc **** or from Argentat / Beaulieu sur Dordogne.

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The exhibition close to the campsite in Dordogne Valley :

The exhibition has been created since several years and has attracted every year more and more tourists. This creation happens in the farm SaintGéraud from the idea of our friend Jacky Moulène. It’s a complete unusual discovery that you can do, a Land Art which can "threaten" local museum or gallery...

Without joking, a land art or known as Earth Art / Environmental Art has emerged in the 1960s. The name comes from materials used : most of the time coming from the environment.

This exhibition is called « les vaches ne manquent pas d’air »

Every year, for five months, one of his meadows is transformed into a « Land Art » exhibition, a special and unique farm that you cannot find anywhere in the world. Between two herds of « limousine » cows, you will discover unsual cows … around sixty

These special cows are created by « well known » local designers, artists and painters coming from Correze or Dordogne. Have a look to each one, to Maryline, to Puzzle, Peau de vache or Psy Cow, each one has their specificities...

We advise you to visit this exhibition in family, with children and to look to the curious name of each one.

It will be the opportunity for you to do a real safari photoshot with our local cows.

Try to guess the name of this one !!

Cows in correze

What a nice exhibition for family, it changes to classical touristics sites that you can see eveyrwhere. And it contributes to bring colours in our landscape.

In this perfect place for relaxation, you could also bring your imagination to create new one. New models are waiting to be designed .. So don’t hesite to play the game and let your inspiration take over.

Please have a look to their facebook page if you want to have more details

Opening details:

Open everyday from 10 am to 7pm from 1st July and 31st August. Open if you call before from 15 June to 30 June and 1st September to 15th September.

Free under 5 years.

Special fees for groups : 5,50€ ( 5 people minimum)

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